Before analysing the necessity of smart genie, let us see the general tendency in the corporate:

  • Focus only on core business
  • Procrastination w.r.t. Company Law compliance
  • Lack of qualified man power
  • Lack of proper maintenance or no maintenance of statutory records
  • Last minute initiation of compliance processes

The above tendency throws the following challenges:

  1. Overlap of data reported and actual data
  2. Penalty / Compounding of offences
  3. Hinders the compliances of self and other compliant Companies too.
  4. No track of compliance status. No preparedness for diligences
  5. focus from other vital areas needs to be diverted
  6. Failure in satisfying the stake holder – Banker, vendor, investors, etc., w.r.t. compliance

There are many options available if you are looking only for Secretarial Compliance services. Smart genie will not only meet Corporate Law compliances efficiently but also provide you the blend of our rich domain experience and robust technology with

  • End to end responsibility of compliances
  • Pro-active Alert mechanism on upcoming obligations
  • On time compliances
  • Provide on-line access to real time Company’s information/records pertaining to Companies Act, 1956.

How does it help you?

  1. It creates a framework which will provide your organisation with improved Corporate transparency, aid with the enforcement of Corporate Governance procedures
  2. Stream line compliance processes
  3. Receive e-mails for critical dates – upcoming filings, obligation or expiry / renewal dates
  4. Receive notifications and tips on corporate secretarial information
  5. Online review of historic data section-wise on your finger tips
  6. Compliances are made well in advance of statutory time lines, reducing the risks of non-compliance and thus improving the processes
  7. Focus on other vital areas of business
  8. Easily manage the documents, deadlines, filings for statutory and regulatory obligations, even when overseeing multiple companies
  9. Legal Counsel will be at comfort with respect to certifications